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The staff at Rocket Daddy.com is looking to recognize those elite websites that stand out in the crowd. One of the most important parts of website design that will make your site stand out from all the rest is the content that you include for visitors to read. Studies have shown that people browsing through a website will hardly glance at many areas of the site, and most will only spend a half of a second looking at a site before deciding whether to stay or leave. For this reason, it is very important that the content of your website appear relevant, important, and up-to-date.

The following is a list of guidelines that we will use to judge your website for content. Each piece of criteria is followed by a brief explanation as to why it is important for your site. Certain features may automatically gain or lose points for your overall score.

Is the purpose of your website immediately apparent?

• Users are unlikely to stay at a site if they do not automatically understand what the site is there for.
• A "welcome blurb" is an acceptable means to introduce your site, but using a mission statement is not the best choice. (-1 point)
• Including instructions for using your site should be unnecessary if the purpose of your site is evident. (-1 point)
• Avoid using boastful text or "happy talk" to promote your site or product. (-1 point)
• A tag line can be used to portray the purpose of the site.

Do you have information available to show that your site and its content are legitimate?

• Users are more likely to stay at or revisit a site that they trust is offering a bonafide product or service.
• Include an "About Us" or "Contact" page with relevant information or credentials about the site owner or product. (+1 point)
• Include a mission statement or statement of purpose for users who may be interested in further information about your company or product. (+1 point)

Is the content of your site up-to-date?

• Sites containing old news or outdated information show that the webmaster does not put effort into maintaining the site. If a site appears outdated, it is unlikely that a user will return or remained interested in the services or products offered.

Does the site contain common user annoyances?

• Is there an ad banner located at the top of the home page? (-1 point)
• Does the site require the first-time user to input personal information in order to continue? (-1 point)
• Does the site use pop-ups or multiple rollovers to expand upon available space?

Is the content of the site spelled correctly, using proper grammar?

• Misspelled words and grammar mistakes decrease the relevance and appeal of a site.
• A quicky proofread before a site goes live can make all the difference.

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