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In order to be eligible to receive an award from Rocket Daddy.com, you and your website must meet a few minimum qualifications. In accordance with C.O.P.P.A. regulations, individuals submitting websites must be age 14 or older at the time of submission. Individuals who submit sites below this minimum will have their applications discarded. Adult-oriented and offensive websites will not be accepted for consideration. Our company and the websites that it awards will follow a strict Code of Ethics that bars tasteless material from being promoted.

You may be selected by the staff of Rocket Daddy.com to receive an award based upon our previously internet research. You are under no obligation to accept this award. If you choose to accept our award, the appropriate image and corresponding code will be supplied to you for placement on your winning website. Individuals who submit their sites are not guaranteed an award. We will gladly provide explanation as to why or why not your site is eligible for the Rocket Daddy award. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Internet Content Manager at Rocket Daddy.com.

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