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Rocket Daddy.com and websites featured therein must, at all times, comply with any and all applicable laws and regulations for internet use. Individuals who submit sites for review at Rocket Daddy.com and affiliated directories must abide by these same laws. Information that will not withstand the closest public scrutiny will not, under any circumstances, be placed in the Rocket Daddy.com directories.

Individuals submitting websites for review must meet the minimum standards found in the RocketDaddy.com eligibility requirements.

A regular review of websites will be conducted for all selected pages listed in the Rocket Daddy.com directories. RocketDaddy.com reserves the right to remove any site found to violate this Code of Ethics in the future. RocketDaddy.com also reserves the right to remove any site to which significant changes have been made, thereby altering the content, graphic design, layout, usability, or functionality of the site.

Rocket Daddy.com will protect the interests and privacy of individuals represented in directories by holding information confidential and secure. No member of the Rocket Daddy.com staff will accept compensation to increase the chances or ranking of a submitted website, under penalty of dismissal.

All inquiries to Rocket Daddy.com and its directories shall be directed toward the Internet Content Manager. Contact with higher authority will be obtained if so necessary.

In handling financial and personal information, RocketDaddy.com will request only the minimum relevant information needed to conduct a thorough review of a submitted site and to process a requested transaction. Access to this personal and financial information will be accessible only to the members of management to whom the information pertains.

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