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Your layout can be spotless. You can have the perfect graphics and color scheme. Your links can work perfectly. But...if your checkout or forms are not working, you can surely kiss that order goodbye. Functionality tends to be one of the most distant concerns with websites because it seems so simple to address, but don't be fooled! Functionality is a catch-all for many different problems. The best way to check your functionality is by testing with people who are not familiar at all with the site.

The following is a list of guidelines that we will use to judge your website for functionality. Each piece of criteria is followed by a brief explanation as to why it is important for your site. Certain features may automatically gain or lose points for your overall score.

Does every aspect of your checkout process work?

• Customers should be able to add items to the shopping cart and continue shopping without using the "back" button (+1 point)
• If the customer has to register or enter information to continue, does the database function correctly?

Do relevant aspects of your site function in different browsers?

• There are often key differences between what works in various browsers. Some things that look great in Firefox will look completely different (or not function at all) in Internet Explorer. A great browser to check your basic code is Opera. (+1 point)
• If visitors have certain functions disabled, can they still find what they need? i.e. are "alt" tags completed? (+1 point)

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