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There are hundreds of millions of websites on the internet these days, giving people from around the world the opportunity to search for and find anything that comes to mind. Some websites exist for the sole purpose of offering information, some are there to sell a product or service, while others help internet users find what they are searching for. This last type of website is what the internet community might call either a search engine or a directory. Search engines allow users to enter a keyword term and be able to instantly view thousands of sites that pertain to that keyword. The user is then faced with the task of weeding through what truly interests them and what is irrelevant to their search. Directories are often a better choice, as they focus on specifically chosen categories of websites and offer them all in one place. Rocket Daddy.com is a "directory of directories" that offers top notch websites chosen for excellence in five different web design categories. Our directory was created with the combined efforts of our talented staff of computer programmers, graphic artists, writers, and administrators, who have created countless successful websites for numerous clients. We have committed ourselves to doing the research needed to provide visitors to our directory with the highest quality sites on the internet, with the best information available.

We invite webmasters to submit their sites for consideration to be listed in the Rocket Daddy.com directory. Each member of our staff will review these sites for scoring in their particular area of expertise, and awards for high marks in content, graphic design, layout, usability, and functionality will be offered to the highest ranking sites. Sites will be ranked and placed in our directory based upon their overall score. This ensures that visitors to our website will find the best of the best in any particular directory category. The Rocket Daddy.com will take the hassle and frustration out of using the internet and search engines, by providing a directory of high quality websites for internet users.

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